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2015 Holy Days Dates



 Published: November 2014

 The following will be the dates that are to be observed as the Holy Days in the Gregorian calendar year 2015. The bible dictates that we keep these days in their season upon their days. Therefore, we should govern ourselves accordingly by ensuring that we make arrangements with our employers to have the days marked as Sabbaths off as commanded by the Laws of YHWH (Leviticus Ch: 23). The Holy Days will begin at evening (after sundown) on the dates listed and continue through the next day and end at evening. Again, for Holy Days which are Sabbaths that begin at sundown, we need to take the next day off from work.

We must govern ourselves accordingly for all the days listed as Sabbaths below.

2015 New Moons (Beginning of the Hebrew Month)

Starting at evening of

(Mon) 1/19/2015

(Wed) 2/18/2015

(Thu) 3/19/15 – Hebrew New Year

(Fri) 4/17/2015

(Sun) 5/17/2015

(Mon) 6/15/2015

(Wed) 7/15/2015

(Thu) 8/13/2015

(Sat) 9/12/2015

(Mon) 10/12/2015

(Tue) 11/10/2015

(Thu) 12/10/2015


2015 Holy Days                                                                                              Starting at evening of


Passover                                                                                                             (Wed) 4/01/2015

Feast of Unleavened Bread Day 1                                                              (Thu)  4/02/2015 – Sabbath

Feast of First Fruits Males Appear                                                       (Fri)    4/03/2015

Feast of Unleavened Bread Day 7                                                              (Wed) 4/08/2015 – Sabbath

Feast of Pentecost Males Appear                                                          (Sat)   5/23/2015 – Sabbath

Feast of Trumpets                                                                                           (Sat)   9/12/2015 – Sabbath

Day of Atonement HOLIEST DAY OF YEAR                                      (Mon) 9/21/2015 – Sabbath

Feast of Tabernacles Day 1 Males Appear                                           (Sat)   9/26/2015  – Sabbath

Feast of Tabernacles Day 8                                                                            (Sat)  10/03/2015 – Sabbath


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